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Our ultra modern tank farm located in the Portside Industrial Area of the beautiful City of Calabar has a storage capacity of 65 million litres and is fully licensed by the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to store and trade quality petroleum products.

The depot is strategically located in an environmentally safe area as to ensure smoothness of operations with minimal disturbance to the local population. It is consists of 8 tanks which are all built in accordance with API 650 standard and are available for lease both on exclusive basis and shared agreement.

Our loading gantry is equipped with 6 loading arms each of which can dispense 33,000 litres of products in 15 minutes. We also have all the necessary safety equipments like foam fire monitors, hydrant equipments, different classes of fire extinguishers, fire fighting trucks and required signs and signals; each carefully installed in the right places to ensure the highest level of safety.

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Our Haulage and Logistics Division is known for its:

  • fleet of sound trucks
  • team of well trained and licensed professional drivers
  • ability to efficiently and effectively deliver products to our customers at competitive and affordable prices.


Our truck park located about 2 kilometers from the depot has the capacity to handle over 1000 trucks per day. It is equipped with a restaurant, and a lodging facility to keep our customers and drivers comfortable while in Calabar.


Over the years, we have acquired and developed new filling stations across the country. Our gas station services are captured in the 3-GPs: Good Products, Good Pumps, and Good Prices; this has made us the number one choice to motorists and other customers.